Chooseday’s Choice! ~ Open Fire or Stove?

Where does YOUR energy go?

Many homes in Ireland still use an open fire-place. An open fire-place is hugely inefficient as the heated air within the room is sucked up the chimney and the burn rate of the fuel is difficult to control. Therefore much of the fuel and cost is wasted. Installing a solid fuel or preferably a log burning stove is a simple, quick and cheap way to reduce your heating bills and energy consumption.

You Choose!

Open Fire or Stove?

Open Fire or Stove?

Typically, more than 70% of the heat from an open fire goes up the chimney, while a stove retains as much as 76% of heat in the room, saving both fuel and money. Replacing an open fire with an efficient stove can reduce the household energy consumption by 8 to 10%. Given that we spend around €2,000 on heat, light and hot water, that could see a person’s fuel bill fall by €200 a year.


  • Helen C says:

    We installed a stove last year and it has made a huge difference to our energy bills and the room is so much warmer. Best money we ever spent.

    • Frank says:

      Brilliant Helen. We have one too and have noticed a marked decrease in our energy bills. Better to have the heat coming into the house rather than going up the chimney 🙂

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