Testimonial for Eco Evolution

Project: Proposed leisure centre and swimming pool.

To whom it may concern,

I wish to confirm that at planning and design stages of the above project I requested Frank and Mary Gethings of Eco Evolution to design the most environmentally friendly and energy solution for the running of the proposed leisure centre. I asked that all of the essential heating, water heating and air conditioning services be designed with the most environmentally friendly systems.

Within a couple of days of talking with Mary, Frank visited my offices and educated me on the best approach. Frank and Mary have a very friendly and approachable manner which makes them very easy to deal with.

I agreed to run with his excellent advice and in a matter of days Frank had a full eco-friendly solution for what is by no means a simple building to service. The solution included some very innovative thinking with regard to the heating of the pool, an array of solar panels and the use of a heat pump system. My client was equally impressd with the energy solutions and I submitted all of Eco Evolutions details as part of the planning application.

Frank and Mary form an excellent team and provide excellent advice and most importantly provide the information efficiently and on time. The products which they can provide are without doubt the best on the market and it is clear that a lot of time and effort is spent by the company in researching and ensuring they have the best products at their disposal.

I have no doubt that given the notable shifts in attitude towards the use of these products, coupled with the fact they are now reasonably priced, that Eco Evolution is a company that will go from strength to strength in the coming years.

I would strongly recommend them for all your ‘eco’ needs.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Molloy, Architect

Molloy Architecture and Design Studio, McCurtain St., Gorey, Co. Wexford.

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Carbon tax to drive up fuel costs

irishtimes.com – Last Updated: Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 18:59

Carbon tax to drive up fuel costs

HARRY MCGEE, Political Correspondent

The new carbon tax at a rate of €15 per tonne will result in increases of 4.2 cent in the price of petrol and almost 5c in the price of diesel from midnight tonight.

The Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan announced the measure in today’s Budget speech, saying it was designed to change behaviour to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“The most effective way to to put a price on carbon. This will encourage innovation by incentivising companies to bring low carbon products and services to the market,” he said.

The measure will yield a total of €250 million next year and some €330 million in a full year.

Notably, the Minister said that not all of the revenue would be ringfenced to encourage lower carbon emissions. He said some would be used to boost energy efficiency, some to support rural transport and some to alleviate fuel poverty.

He added that the tax “will also allow us to maintain or reduce payroll costs”, an indication that it will not be revenue neutral.

Some €50 million of the revenue will be used to fund measures for households at risk of fuel poverty to make their homes warmer.

The excise changes for oil, gas and kerosene will come into effect from tonight but price increases in coal, peat will not occur until May 2010.

The changes will lead to increase of an estimated 39 cent for a bale of peat briquettes and €1.79 for a 40kg bag of coal.

The latest study from the ESRI estimates the changes will cost households an average of between €2 and €3 per week, or up to €156 per year.