A Sneek Preview!

Just back from yet another very interesting factory visit. This time it was to visit Landustrie, one of the leading screw pump and screw generator manufacturers whose headquarters are in Sneek, The Netherlands.

Landustrie factory, Sneek, The Netherlands

For nearly a century Landustrie has designed, manufactured, supplied, erected and maintained many types of screw pump. Since the early eighties Landustrie has developed a fully automated selection program in order to select the optimum screw for a particular application. This program is based on a large number of tests, with a large number of variables, in the Landustrie test factory. In addition, Landustrie have developed specific pump knowledge, which is continously updated by means of R&D and the latest technologies and is the only manufacturer of screws using Finite Element Analysis methods.

Frank on visit to Landustrie

The newest range of the Landustrie products covers the worldwide hydropower market. Creating renewable energy with a reliable, fish-friendly and durable hydropower screw. The Archimedean screw was introduced as a high efficient pump. Due to the low turning speed, the life time of the screw can be expected to be at least 30 years and barely needs maintenance nor cleaning. The hydropower screw turns the principle of pumping around, maintaining the advantages and generating energy using the falling water to drive the screw.

Archimedean screw with an eco-friendly lower bearing

In comparison with most turbines the Archimedean hydropower screw makes use of an open construction and a low rotational speed. This results in a natural flow and there is no pressure build up in the entire installation. Furthermore extensive testing shows that due to the size of water chambers and the fact that there is no pressure differences fish will pass through unharmed. The Landy hydropower screw makes use of a specially designed inlet and outlet that makes the screw absolutely fish friendly. The water outlet is designed in such a way for the water (and fish) to smoothly exit the screw without splashing. This also reduces the noise that water creates.

Landy screw pump

The Landy hydropower screw is a profitable source of income and entirely environmental friendly, once you possess the water rights of a flow. The Landy hydropower screw can be used in places or areas with a fall (head) of 1m to 10m and a flow from 100l/s to 15,000l/s.

There are several examples of sites and areas around the country suitable for a hydropower screw e.g.

  • Rivers and streams
  • In an existing spillway, lock or in a weir system
  • Old Mill sites
  • (Waste) Water treatment inlets/outlets
  • To replace inefficient existing generators
  • Anywhere that water is available at a higher level

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