Ireland under a blanket of snow

Satellite image of Ireland under a blanket of snow

Ireland and UK 2010

Satellite image of Ireland and Uk snow coverage

The University of Dundee’s satellite station captured this image of how the heavy snow affected Ireland and the Uk. The picture, which was received at 11.45 p.m. on Thursday from Nasa satellite Terra, shows the extent of the snow and ice in South East Ireland and all along the East coast.

EPA Improves Access to Public Information on Emissions Trading

Press Release 10th June 2010

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) operates the EU Emissions Trading Scheme in Ireland. Over 100 major industrial and institutional sites in Ireland are covered by the Scheme (over 12,000 sites in the EU as a whole).  These include power generation, other combustion, cement, lime, glass and ceramic plants and oil refining. Also included are large companies in areas such as food & drink, pharmaceuticals and semi-conductors. Each company must record their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions every year onto the National Emissions Trading Registry which is an on-line web-based system which tracks GHG emissions and records allowance holdings.

The Environmental Protection Agency has now made information from Ireland’s National Emission Trading Registry publicly available in line with the requirements of the Kyoto Protocol.

This publicly available information covers:

  • Account holders authorised to hold Kyoto units in an account on Ireland’s National Emission Trading Registry.
  • Unit holdings by account type (e.g. Party account or entity account).

To view this information please click on the Publicly Accessible Information link on the homepage of Ireland’s National Emission Trading Registry.

Further information on accounts in Ireland’s National Emissions Trading Registry (including annual emissions data for each installation) can be found on the website of the EU’s Community Independent Transaction Log (CITL).

Find out more information on the operation of the Emissions Trading Scheme in Ireland.


No further carbon credits needed by Ireland

EPA Press Release: 28th April 2010.

  • Latest greenhouse gas emissions projections show Ireland will comply with Kyoto Protocol without any more purchases
  • Achieving more stringent 2020 targets will require further reduction measures yet to be identified
  • Growth in transport emissions projected to slow significantly to 2020 compared with annual growth rates 1990-2008
  • Carbon sinks (such as increased afforestation) crucial for 2020 target

The EPA today released projected emissions of Ireland’s greenhouse gases up to 2020. These projections, produced on an annual basis, give a picture of Ireland’s ability to meet international targets with respect to greenhouse gas emissions and update those published in March 2009.

The projections are reported on a sectoral basis and highlight, once again, that the key sectors contributing to greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland are agriculture, energy and transport.

Commenting on the projections Dr Mary Kelly, Director General, EPA said:

“National greenhouse gas projections are important in understanding Ireland’s greenhouse gas profile in the medium term, and in assessing the effectiveness of policy measures designed to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.  The projections released today reflect the effects of the economic downturn, and the anticipated recovery, based on ESRI economic forecasts. Even with reductions due to the downturn it is projected that Ireland will still be 2.8 million tonnes per annum of CO2e above the non-ETS target in 2020 taking the most ambitious scenarios set out in Government policies and assuming that forestry sinks are fully included.”

Complete EPA Report:,28091,en.html