Small-Scale Hydro

Eco Evolution are appointed agents in Ireland of Mann Power Consulting Ltd (UK) who specialise in the Archimedean Screw hydro turbine. They also design modern water wheels for electricity generation. The Archimedean screw hydro turbines are suited to low-head sites and are fish friendly. They are manufactured by a company who are leaders in the field of mechanical engineering in Germany with a 25 year history of excellence. As pioneers of Archimedean screw generating installations in the UK and Ireland, Mann Power believe that they manufacture the best equipment on the market.

A compact Archimedean Screw turbine:

  • Maximises use of existing infrastructure
  • Minimal installation time
  • No need for fine screening
  • High efficiency over variable flow
  • Low maintenance

Operation Range:

  • Capacity from 100 l/s to 10,000 l/s
  • Full capacity with reduced head
  • Hydraulic head from 1m to 10m
  • No head loss from fine screens or pressure pipes
  • 87% hydraulic efficiency
  • 77% 'Water to Wire' efficiency
  • Operation down to 15% max flow
  • 1kW to 350kW


  • High efficiency across large flow variation
  • Fish friendly
  • Leaves and debris simply pass through
  • Robust, simple machinery. Low maintenance.
  • Simple control system.
  • Maximises the net head available

The Archimedean Screw River Dart - see below

Contact us today and we will work with you to provide you with a customised Archimedean Screw hydro turbine quote.

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