Solar Thermal

Ireland receives as much solar radiation as parts of France and Southern England. This makes Ireland an ideal location to install solar panels for hot water requirements.

At Eco Evolution we design, supply and install two types of solar thermal technology, evacuated tube solar panel collectors and flat plate solar panels for the Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural markets.

Solar panels are effective throughout the year as they utilize diffuse light and not just direct sunlight - this is especially true for evacuated tube collectors.

  • On average solar panels in Ireland can produce 60% - 70% of the annual DHW requirement and up to 100% of the hot water requirement during the summertime.
  • Solar panel energy creation is easily integrated with standard oil/gas boiler systems or with other renewable energy systems.
  • Use of a solar panel is low maintenance.
  • Solar energy also reduces your carbon footprint.
  • A solar panel increases the annual operating efficiencies of a heating system because boilers operate on low efficiency during summer when just producing hot water.

Solar energy can also be used for space heating in conjunction with low temperature applications such as under floor heating systems and high efficiency Alurad radiators. If the solar panels are correctly sized, the solar energy system can produce up to 40% of the annual heating load as well as producing 60% - 70% of the hot water load.

Contact us today and we will work with you on your heating and design requirements to provide you with a customised Solar Thermal quote.

Customer feedback

"The best money I've spent in years. Boiler gone into hibernation, it's great. Thanks a lot."
Eddie Kavanagh, Wexford

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