ALURAD Perfect Radiator

Combining efficiency, style, and choice, ALURAD radiators really are the Perfect Radiator. ALURAD radiators are manufactured from high grade aluminium and offer you the chance to build your own heating system customised to both your heating and interior design needs.

ALURAD radiators are available in a range of different sizes and styles to suit every application and there are a number of towel rail options also. Due to their efficiencies, ALURAD tend to be 40-50% smaller than conventional radiators and therefore you don’t need to give up a lot of wall space to the typical large white radiator. ALURAD radiators are available in a selection of heights, from 160mm to 2250mm, enabling placement in any type of room.

ALURAD is an unrivalled brand with its patented special designs, its diversified colours and models, and its accessories conforming to EU standards.

The HSE recommended surface temperature of radiators in health and social care facilities is 43°Celsius. ALURAD radiators work well at these lower temperatures and are well suited to use with renewable heating systems such as heat pumps as well as more traditional systems such as oil and gas boilers. ALURAD radiators are ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, care centres, schools, public buildings, offices and homes.

10 Superior Features of ALURAD:

  • Unique Aesthetics: Its perfect design occupies minimum space.
  • High Heat Efficiency: Its raw material and design superiority provides high heat efficiency.
  • Flexible dimensions: Can be produced in different sizes in line with different requirements.
  • Variety of colours: Adds harmony and colour to the spaces.
  • Comfortable heating: Its unique design provides rapid and homogeneous heat distribution.
  • Energy Saving: Provides energy saving due to use of less amount of water.
  • Resistance to pressure: It is resistant to high hydrostatic pressure and it is very reliable.
  • Seamless structure: Its seamless structure provides high quality and long service.
  • Lightweight advantage: It is easy to install.
  • Resistance to corrosion: It is resistant to corrosion due to pre-installed special inhibitor.

Contact us today and we will work with you on your heating and design requirements to provide you with a customised ALURAD quote.