Ampair 6kW Wind Turbine – an overview

The Ampair 6kw turbine combines practical and robust engineering with an elegant look. The turbine itself is a three blade, up-wind machine with an auto-furl mechanism to prevent over-speeding. Design considerations include a direct drive generator to minimise the number of moving parts and high specification components to ensure longevity.
The Ampair 6kW has been independently tested under the UK’s Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Comparison with MCS data for other turbines in the 5-6kw range reveals the Ampair 6kW is the most productive machine in its class. It is one of the most successful in the Ampair range since the business arrived in the U.K. due to it being incredibly flexible in application.
Ampair 6kW wind turbine
Ampair 6kW Wind turbine

Technical Specifications at a glance:

  • MCS Certified Product
  • Eligible for Feed-in tariffs or NIROC’s depending on where you live
  • Generates power continuously from below 3 m/s
  • Simple robust design
  • Tested in the strongest IEC class I wind conditions
  • Suitable for coastal locations
  • Multiple tower options
  • Models for grid connection, battery charging, or direct heating
Ampair 6kW Wind turbine
Technical Specification
Ampair 6kW Wind turbine
Power Curve

The Design:

Coatings: All main structural components are hot-dip galvanised or interzinc primed for enhanced corrosion protection.

Tail Rudder: When the prevailing wind blows the rudder will be forced parallel to the wind direction. This motion will rotate the turbine to face into the wind.

Tail Plane: Unlike the rudder, the tail plane does not direct the rotor. Its primary function is to aid the furling action of the turbine by lifting the tail in high winds.

Blades: The  fibreglass blades are recognised as one of the strongest and durable designs on the market. They are complete with winglets which enhance airflow to produce an incredibly quiet turbine.

Rotor: The rotor has a swept area of 24m². The design of our bearings, efficient generator and  blades allow the fixed pitch rotor to move freely; which is why no other competitor machines will better the 6kW on low wind start-up.

Paint Options: Choose your colours. We offer light grey, gloss white, off white and light green. Blade sets can also receive a gloss black finish. If you want something extra, we will do our best to provide.

Seals: Throughout the machine we use high quality seals to protect our bearings and other components. The generator itself is completely sealed from the natural environment, giving a long trouble free turbine life span even in the harshest conditions,

Bearings: Ampair only use the highest quality branded bearings. The bearings have been selected to last the machine lifespan without the need for their replacement.

Nacelle: Ampair are one of the few manufacturers who use galvanised steel nacelles. As a result of this design feature the turbine is extremely well protected from corrosion.

Yaw: Ampair uses a passive yaw design. Our high quality branded bearings, with no gearing, offer a yaw mechanism that is very robust.

Magnets: Ampair  use some of the worlds strongest Rare Earth Magnets (Ne-Feb-Br) available; maximising power production capabilitity.

Ampair 6kW Noise Report
Ampair 6kW Noise Report

The market place offers a colossal range of small wind turbines but if you want a robust and reliable machine that will run for many years with minimal maintenance  you will find it in the Ampair range of turbines. The 6kW is an excellent wind turbine for a stand alone system in remote locations and has a track record unsurpassed.

We are the Irish resellers and installers of the Ampair range of wind and hydro turbines.  If you have a site suitable for a wind turbine and you’re interested in generating your own electricity contact us here.