Eureka! Archimedes Hydropower comes to Brahan Estate!

The Brahan estate Archimedes Screw hydropower project, an ultra low head scheme operating on only 1.5m head and producing 100kW from twin screws was commissioned near Inverness ahead of schedule and is now delivering power to the local farm with excess being sold back to the National Grid. The river level upstream varies throughout the day by up to 700mm because of sudden water releases from a large hydropower station upstream, requiring a unique design with each screw set at a different height to optimise generation.


Rated at 100kW this semi compact Archimedes Screw hydro turbine at Brahan Estate will save 258 tonnes of CO2 annually.


The Archimedes Screw hydropower turbine is a new application of an ancient technology. For thousands of years the screw was used to pump water up from rivers or streams to irrigate farm land. Now, using the same system in reverse the Archimedean Screw is being used to harness the power of the water to generate hydroelectricity. Once your turbine has been commissioned and connected to the grid you’ll be generating hydro-electric power 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether the power is for your own property, to sell back to the grid or a combination of both, the Archimedean Screw will likely pay for itself several times over in the course of its operational lifetime (depending on the feed-in tariffs available) . And what’s more these turbines can be scaled to suit all needs – from small domestic applications to huge industrial installations.

Brahan Hydro

Mann Power Consulting Ltd., the UK based Archimedean Screw specialists designed the equipment for the Brahan Estate project.  After various consultations it was decided that the most suitable turbine for the site was a semi compact Archimedes Screw Hydro turbine which was manufactured by Landustrie based in Holland.


The hydropower scheme also required two fish passes operating at different levels, and an automatic bypass sluice gate to maintain ecological flows at all times.


Archimedean Screw turbines offer a hydropower solution that is:

  • Commercially attractive & cost effective
  • Practical & efficient
  • Fish-friendly
  • Easy implementation in existing situations (no civil constuction work)
  • Insensitive to clogging
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Improvement of water quality
  • Self regulating to changing water flow
  • Long life time
  • Scaleable & bespoke



The basic requirements required for an Archimedes Screw hydro turbine are:

  • A water source with a drop of at least 1.5 metres
  • Access rights to that water source
  • A grid hook-up point less than 500 metres from the water source – unless the Screw is being used for ‘off grid’ generation only.

If your site satisfies these criteria then there’s every chance you will be able to harness the power of the waterway to generate hydroelectricity. And Eco Evolution will be delighted to pilot your scheme all the way through to delivery.

If you’re still not sure whether your site is right for an Archimedean Screw turbine, get in touchand we will be happy to discuss the specifications and requirements in greater depth.